Troop Outings

Court of Honor 1-20-18
Rock Climbing
Skiing/Snow Boarding/Tubing
Hatboro Enterprise Fire Company
Warrington Community Ambulance
Wilderness Survival

Klondike Derby
USS Intrepid
Chris E. Eagle Ceremony
Court of Honor 5-15-2017
Mark L. Eagle Ceremony
Eric W. Eagle Ceremony
Michael C. Eagle Ceremony
Haycock 2017
Chris R. Eagle Ceremony
Delware Water Gap
Court of Honor 10-2-17
Fort Mifflin / Independence Mall

Klondike Derby
Skills Day
Country Dinner 2016
Court of Honor 4-25-2016
Woodland Stables
Simmons School Project
Court of Honor 9-26-2016
Shooting Sports
Court of Honor 12-3-2016
Breakfast with Santa

Klondike Derby
Annual Country Dinner
Merit Badge College
John M. Eagle Ceremony
Wilderness Survival spring
Court of Honor 5-18
Memorial Day Veteran flag placement
Solomon's Island
Court of Honor 9-21
Hawk Mountain
Halloween 2015
Steven F. Udver-Hazy center

Greg D Eagle Ceremony
Klondike Derby 2014
Survival Haycock 2014
Maple Syrup trip
Eugene S. Eagle Ceremony
Conner L Eagle Ceremony
Fishing Trip
Court of Honor September
Breakfast with Santa

Winter Survival
Klondike Derby
Scout Sunday
Court of Honor
Haycock Boot Camp
Nick H. Eagle Ceremony
Scope 2013
Chicken Dinner 2013
Cool Dip 2013
Float the Raft
Summer Camp 2013
Jeff D. Eagle Ceremony
Troop Picnic 2013
Court of Honor September
Wicen Shooting Range
Woodland Stables
James S. Eagle Ceremony

Paintball Trip
Camp Curiosity
Breakfast with Santa

Pasta Dinner
Summer Camp
911 Ceremony
Cout of Honor
Hiking Trip
Costume Night
Dinner/Court of Honor

Train Show
Dinner/Court of Honor
Court of Honor
Skiing Trip
D C Trip
Canoeing Trip
Summer Camp
Chris B. Eagle Ceremony
Beach Jam
Appalachian Trial

Troop Dinner / Court of Honor
Wilderness Survival
Beach Jam
Court of Honor
Daryl's Ceremony
Country Chicken Dinner
Troop Picnic
Medievil Times / New York